January 25, 2010

BABY STEP 25 - Water, water, everywhere (Jan 25)

“It is wise to bring some water, when one goes out to look for water.” (Arabian proverb)
I lived in the Middle East during my jr. high and high school years and it was an interesting experience. You do not want to be caught without water.
My sister (September) and stepchildren live in Phoenix, and so I’ve had occasion to visit during the summer months. My sister always carries a water bottle with her, wherever she goes. And I do, as well, because I’m very aware of the danger of dehydration when I’m there. I also drink Gatorade while I’m there because sometimes the water alone doesn’t quench my thirst. Ah, good ole electrolytes.
When I return to Utah, however, I tend to not be as aware. I don’t carry water with me. I’m not in the habit.
But if I don’t have water with me, then I’m more apt to stop somewhere to get some other liquid refreshment, and that other drink is likely not to be water.
After all, water is so ... boring. Don’t you think?
I went with my good friend Kathleen for a Bear Lake retreat a few year ago. She fixed herself iced tea, which was a beautiful color. My glass was filled with ... water. Plain, clear, albeit sparkling water.
So I decided to fancy mine up. I went to the store and bought some red/purple grape juice (for the taste and the color) and started mixing it with a little Crystal Light lemonade. It makes a delicious drink. I feel like I’m drinking something delicious and satisfying, both as I drink it and visually. (If you’re interested, I now make up a 4-qt pitcher of punch with one-fourth grape juice, one packet of Crystal Light lemonade, and fill the pitcher with water and ice. It’s great.) Or experiment and create your own. Find something that satisfies you.
Now...I’m going upstairs to mix up some delicious water-filled punch. If you do the same, nobody will beat you to the punch (pun intended).

© Copyright 2010 Heather Horrocks

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