January 11, 2010

BABY STEP 11 - Putting 2 & 2 together (Jan 11)

Two days ago we practiced a breathing pattern. Remember?
Breathe ... In.
Hold ... Your ... Breath.
Breathe ... Out.
And yesterday we practiced a corner exercise where you move in for two counts, hold for three counts, and push out for two counts.
Today, we’re going to put the two together. Incredibly easy.
Today when you stand in the corner and put your hands on the wall, it’ll go like this:
Breathe ... In
(as you lean in toward the walls)
Hold ... Your ... Breath
(holding the stretch)
Breathe ... Out
(as you push back out)
Again, move your hands up and repeat, and down and repeat. It’s a simple combination move, but it’ll make you feel better to do it.
And, yes, eventually, you will be moving your body more. But we have all year to get to a healthier, more fit place, and this is no time to overdo, right when you’re gearing up. Let’s give our minds time get used to the new ‘view.’ Besides, what’s your hurry? Did you want to be sore so you can quit? It’s not gonna happen.
So just relax and enjoy the gentle journey, baby step by baby step. We’ll start adding more, but all we have to worry about today is today’s baby step.
You’re done, baby.

© Copyright 2010 Heather Horrocks

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