January 2, 2010

BABY STEP 02 - Dreams your heart makes (Jan 2)

“A dream is a wish your heart makes.” (Song from Disney’s Cinderella)
My dreams are so big that I wonder sometimes if I’ll reach them all. And my tummy is so big that sometimes I wonder if I’ll reach my toes. Sometimes it’s hard to see how wonderful we are and how high we can reach because of the spare tire, or the extra-large behind, or the thunder thighs. Sometimes it’s easy to hate ourselves for letting ourselves look like this.
That’s why we’re going to stop asking how we got here, and make preparations for getting back to the land of Vibrant Health.
Today is the next baby step on our journey. Why today? Because today is the only day we have to work with to make any kind of changes. Yesterday we already made our mistakes. Tomorrow we'll watch those choices play out in our lives in the form of natural consequences and results, whether good or bad.
But, today. Ahh, today. Today is ours for the taking. Twenty-four hours. Eight to sleep (speaking of wishes).
Millions of people have just made their New Year's resolutions--which will be left by the wayside in another week or two. After all, we don't really mean it. It's just something that we wish would happen this year.
Only today we can begin to make it all come true, just by taking the next tiny step. But, first, let’s pack some food for thought to get us through the day ahead.
Close your eyes and, just for a few moments, picture yourself thin in a situation that would bring you great pleasure--and just enjoy the scene that plays out in your mind. Feel how good it feels. Then open your eyes, and know that this can be your reality. No matter where we’re starting, we will be better at the end of the year than we are right now. We’ll be making positive changes all year and they will bring us joy.
Take a deep breath. This is it. The once-and-for-all, I’m-really-gonna-do-it-this-time journey to vibrant health. There’s no going back, and why would you want to anyway? You’ve just experienced, in your mind, how good it can be to be slender and healthy. Now treasure up in your heart that feeling, because that’s where we’re headed.
Put on your pith helmet. We’re going vibrant health hunting.

© 2010 Heather Horrocks

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