January 3, 2010

BABY STEP 03 - Magic Prayer (Jan 3)

Today I want to share my ‘magic prayer’ with you and invite you to join me in praying for our success.
In The You That Could Be, Dr. Fitzhugh Dobson has a great insight into why we haven’t already reached our goals: “First you write down your goal; your second job is to break your goal into a series of steps, beginning with steps that are absurdly easy...Some of these early steps may sound so slow that they don’t make sense, and you may feel “nothing is happening.” Wrong! Something *is* happening, but it isn’t particularly obvious. What is taking place is that your Potential Self is getting into gear for the eventual achievement of your goal. Often your goal is something you would have accomplished already, if some repressive mechanism inside you had not interfered.”
Two years ago, I worked out nearly every day. I lost fifteen pounds and was doing ab work until, one day, I was lying on my bed reading, and my teenaged son came in and, excitedly, motioned with his hand above my stomach, and called out to his brother, “Look! Mom’s stomach is flat when she’s lying down!”
That’s pretty cool. For me. But apparently not for my subconsious, where that news caused a warning bell. A couple of weeks later, I realized I had not exercised for two weeks and I’d been eating more than usual, resulting in the beginning of weight gain. That was my repressive mechanism at work.
You’ve probably tried to lose your weight before, too, and may have experienced something similar.
This year, once and for all, I’d like to lose my excess weight--without triggering this defense mechanism. I do believe fat is a defense, a “protection” in some way. And I’d like to get to the bottom of it all. The only problem is, we don’t know what our subconscious triggers are, we just know they work. But there is someone who does know, and who is willing to help, if we but ask. It will work for anything (I prayed last year for help in getting my housework under control *and* writing three to four books a year--and was led to Flylady.net for guidance in uncluttering and setting up routines hat work for me), but today’s prayer regards the fat we are weary of carrying with us everywhere.
I’d love to share my Magic Prayer with you. All you have to do today is pray and ask our Heavenly Father to help you.
“Please help me know what I need to KNOW AND CHANGE ABOUT MYSELF in order for me to lose my excess weight, once and for all, and get ever more vibrant health.”
That’s it. Ask and ye shall receive. God loves me, and He loves you. If we ask, He’ll help us.
It may take months to get the full answer, it may take all year, but bits and pieces of the answer will begin to come to you, as you continue to pray and ask for this self-knowledge. Everyone’s answer will be different, but the answer will come.
So when you say your prayers tonight--and in the morning, and each day this year--pray this way.
What’s that saying? The truth will set you free. This prayer will bring us truth as nothing else will. And once we know the truth, we can deal with it.
Do you agree?

© 2010 Heather Horrocks

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