January 9, 2010

BABY STEP 09 - Count blessings & breaths (Jan 9)

Are you praying the Magic Prayer? Good. And breathing deeply? Today I want to teach you a simple breathing pattern that we will then use with some movements. It’s incredibl simple because, after all, that’s what this year is all about: simple and permanent.
Today as you take your deep breaths, count as slowly as you can. To begin with you may have to count more quickly, and that’s okay. You’ll be able to take deeper breaths very soon.
Today you’re going to breathe in, hold your breath, and then relax the air. All as slowly as you can.
As you do this, if you think these words in rhythm, as if you’re counting with them, think this:
IN: “Breathe ... In ... Love ... and”
HOLD: “Hold ... Your ... Breath ... and”
OUT: “Blow ... Out ... The ... Air.”
Try that three times, and see if you feel better at the end of it. Morning and night. Perhaps before or after the Magic Prayer.
Teeny baby steps. I love ‘em.
No one even needs to know what you’re doing, becuase you’re just thinking the words and not saying them out loud.
My main experience with the power of breathing came with the delivery of my second child. The delivery of my first child was so horribly painful and long that I made sure I took a Lamaze breathing class to prepare for my second. I delivered five babies using Lamaze, and it made a huge difference. Just by breathing. (Though after watching my daughter and daughter-in-law have a absence of pain with an epidural, I had to wonder why I didn’t just go that route.)
Use the power of the air around you. Breathe in love, breathe in power, breathe in peace.

© Copyright 2010 Heather Horrocks

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