January 13, 2010

BABY STEP 14 - One Small Step (Jan 14)

"That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind." (Astronaut Neil Armstrong's first words from the surface of the moon on July 20, 1969)
A single step. One small step. A laughably small baby step.
And yet, if you take a single, small, baby step each day, soon you will have made a giant leap in your health and weight. It’s the consistent small steps that add up to great things.
So today, again, take a look at the baby steps you can take. Stand in a corner and breath your chest muscles open. Take a few deep breaths at a stop light or during a commercial. Park a little farther away.
Today, look for more opportunities to take a few steps. Physical, actual steps.
And remember to start where you are. You’re not competing with anyone. If I suggest taking twenty steps, and you are physically unable, for whatever reason, to take more than three, than start with what you can do, and try to add just one more. Always modify for your own body.
For example, when I work, I always have to modify the movements because of an injury to my knee years ago. I went from a two-year nearly-brown-belt three-times-a-week karate student to someone who has to be careful of her knee. Sad, but true. So I modify. If everyone else does lunges, I can do a few, not very deep, and very carefully, and then I stop and do something else.
So please modify for your body. If you need to talk to your doctor, please do so. The baby steps we’re taking are so gradual and so small, that I don’t foresee any problems, but I’m not a doctor, remember? So please do ask your doctor next time you go in if there are an restrictions you should keep in mind.
And then, let’s fly. To the moon. With our one small step.

© Copyright 2010 Heather Horrocks

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