February 10, 2010

BABY STEP 33 - DUH! (Feb 2)

Okay. Sometimes things just jump out in perfect clarity. I wore my pedometer all day and was amazed.
Remember those studies? The Amish walk 14,000 steps a day, an average American woman walks 5000, and an obese woman walks about 3500 a day.
Okay. My first day I logged in with two different numbers. I'm looking for a baseline of how many steps I walk in a normal sedentary day. And it's not much. I am not very proud to announce that the number of normal baseline steps I walked this first day was a paltry 3500. That's the bad news.
Or is it? If I walk the number of steps overweight women walk, then I can also increase the number of stops I walk and become less overweight, right?
That's the good news. And another note of good news ... My back has been sore because I've been spending so much time in my computer chair trying to finish my latest novel, so I decided I'd better start walking.
So I walked for thirty minutes. (A year ago I was walking for sixty minutes a day and my husband commented that I looked more fit than doing anything else). Anyway, by walking for thirty minutes, I added 3200 steps to y daily total. I nearly doubled my number of steps by taking a thirty minute walk.
That's good news.
And, of course, the ultimate good news -- I have a Savior. And if our baby steps aren't pointed back to Him and to our Heavenly Father, the other steps we take don't really matter.

© Copyright 2010 Heather Horrocks

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