February 10, 2010

BABY STEP 36 - Shop ‘til you drop (Feb 5)

This baseline stuff is interesting.
Today, my husband and I went shopping with our son, who will be leaving for Pittsburgh in March. We shopped for about five hours.
And, amazingly, all that shopping added up to nearlly 7000 steps for the day!
`The moral of the story? Shop 'til you drop ... pounds, that is!
Just kidding. I don't want to shop all day, but it's nice that I got all those steps today.
It makes me wonder how many steps we walked the lsat time we went to Disneyland. Next time, I'll take my pedometer with me and find out. But we can't spend all our days in Disneyland, either.
Nope, we reside right here in real life. What is there about real life that has got us walking so few steps and eating so much chocolate and sugary treats?
I'm now 36 days without caffeinated Pepsi. Most of the time, I'm okay with that. Occasionally, like today when someone else is drinking one, I wish I had one. Then I go grab a water and one of those little Crystal Light individual flavor packets and that helps. (My favorite is the orange flavor.)
I've started buying my Crystal Light at Wal-Mart. The regular is about $3, compared to nearly $5 at other stores, and the Wal-Mart generic is only $2.
Late r in the year, I may find there's something negative about the Crystal Light mixes, but for now it's helping me break the caffeine habit.
Today is a weird kind of day. It's getting warmer here in Salt Lake (actually Taylorsville, a suburb of Salt lake) which is nice. That's why I went walking a few days ago, because the weather was finally warm enough to go out. I still needed gloves though.
I guess that's why some people walk the malls. You get all the steps of shopping in, without having to spend any money.
So maybe ... window shop 'til you drop.
Or something.

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