February 2, 2010

BABY STEP 32 - Baseline of my actual steps (Feb 1)

I’m so excited. I received my pedometer in the mail yesterday. So today, bright and early, I figured out how to use it and I’m wearing it all day today. I’m going to get a “baseline” number of steps. The number of steps I normally walk if I’m not exercising in any way (I actually did walk this morning, but I’m going to subtract those steps off to see what I have been walking in the normal course of my sedentary days.
And then I can start making changes for the better, changes that will slowly bring me to vibrant health.
Do you have a pedometer yet? If not, I challenge you to get one. If you do, I challenge you to get it out dust it off, hook it on first thing in the morning, and get your own baseline.
Once we each know what our own baseline number is, then we can each modify by adding to it. If you normally walk 6000 steps and someone else walks 2000, then you’ll need to make different modifications, but we’ll all big kids here and can handle the math (it’s so simple there’s nothing to handle, really).
I’m excited. Like when I figured out how much debt we had three years ago. The number scared me but was also a great relief to know that was really the number and it would never be larger than it was at that moment (and now it’s zero, which is an awesome feeling). So soon I’ll know the number. It may well be pathetically small- -but that’s a good thing, right? I mean, if I was walking 10,000 steps a day and was this overweight and out of shape, I’d figure there wasn’t much hope. But if it’s 2000, I can look at that number, nod, and realize that I can increase that number and improve my health, slowly, one baby step at a time.
So let’s find out the magic number. Where we’re beginning (that’s a more interesting number than our weight, because if we weigh and it’s higher than we like, we’ll feel depressed; if we find out we’re not moving nearly enough, we can just start moving a little more, easily and effortlessly moving toward vibrant health.
I’ll race you. On your mark, get set.....go get your pedometer!

© Copyright 2010 Heather Horrocks

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