February 10, 2010

BABY STEP 37 - Soaring with Eagles (Feb 6)

Yup. Today was my son Ryan's Eagle Court of Honor. Which meant that the entire morning and up until three o'clock I was running around like the proverbial chicken with its head cut off.
And I got another 6500 steps for the day. Running errands adds up.
My challenge is on those days when I sit all day at the computer. On those days, how can I get in extra steps? How to I motivate myself out the door to walk for thirty minutes?
Ryan earned his Eagle, which is an awesome achievement. He worked for several years, earning different ranks and merit badges. And, finally, he received the prize.
It might take us a few years to reach our final prize, but I believe by the end of this year we will much, much closer to the prize than when the year began.
Are you with me? Is this the year of change for you, too?
Are you getting you baseline? Have you gone into the corner and opened up your chest? Have you taken a deep breath or two or three? Have you ordered your pedometer? if not, why not today?
We've put enough things off until tomorrow.
Why not today?
If I were to live a healthy life *today*, what would that look like?
If I were to walk 5000 steps a day for six months, how would that affect my body shape?
If I were to step out in faith, trustig that God *will* show me what I need to know and change about myself, and trusting He will send me the courage to make the changes if I but ask, what miracles could happen this year?
If I just do each day what is needful for that day.

© Copyright 2010 Heather Horrocks

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